One of the biggest concerns is the protection data from their visitors. That is why we do not store user information simply serve as intermediaries to our clients to direct qualified traffic and services offerings.

You are free and responsible in providing data that are requested by our customers and the liability is limited to the privacy policy of your web pages.

All information collected is protected by to prevent access to it by unauthorized persons. Under no circumstances sell, trade or provide your personal information to third parties.

Privacy with respect to children

In any case we collect information from children under 18. If you find any of our data belongs to a child younger than 18 years, automatically proceed to remove them from our systems. In encourage parents to surf the Internet with their children. Here are some tips to provide safe navigation for children:

Teach your children never to give personal information, unless they are accompanied by their parents as personal information means the name, address, phone, school name, etc..

Know at all times which Web sites their children visit and which are appropriate to their age.

See the privacy policy of Web sites. Find out what treatment is given to the personal information of their children.

See the website of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) <> (in English) to learn more about how to protect your children's privacy online.

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